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Sounding the Condamine

Walking into the Brisbane Museum in mid-2008 to look at the ten icons of Queensland was hardly meant to be a musically life-changing experience. The group of artefacts – including mango tree, the Ekka, the Royal Flying Doctor Service and Condamine Bell – seemed innocent enough.

But the bell was large, impressive, and totally unknown to me, Head of Percussion at Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, and interested in all things struck, hit, scraped or shaken.

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Music for the Banal, the Obvious, the Everyday

Music for the Banal, the Obvious, the Everyday is an ongoing project that examines the specifics of site through deep listening and local materials; drawing on the performance tradition of Pauline Oliveros and R.Murray Shafer as well as compositions of Xenakis and Feldman.

Music for the Banal, the Obvious, the Everyday contributes to our understanding of the field of acoustic anthropology and ecological art, cleansing our ears, and making listening an act of positive activism.

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The Wide Alley

The Wide Alley extends a long commitment to the musics of Sichaun province which began with a visit with Erik Griswold and Harry Castle for the Sichaun Conservatory 60th Anniversay back in 1999. Thanks to the wonderful host Zou Xiangping I was able to experience the local opera tradition, and managed to return on an Asialink grant a few years later to study the Opera Percussion and to make new work out of other local folk traditions. Since then Clocked Out have worked closely with a number of musicians from this area developing The Wide Alley.

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Music for 18 Musicians

This paper is a performance analysis of Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians. Back in 1999 this was possibly the first performance of the work outside of Steve Reich and Musicians, and the performance practice  in relation to the then recently published score needed to be addressed. The paper takes the reader through decision making processes, collective performance practice, and realtime performance issues.

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