Artist, musician, educator

Upcoming performances

Sila: Breath of the World
Australian premiere of John Luther Adams
New work (2014)
Musical Direction: Tim Munro and Vanessa Tomlinson
Saturday 6th September, 6pm
Queensland Conservatorium Foyer
Brisbane Festival 2015.


Tyalgum Festival
Clocked Out Duo play
Time Crystals and other favourites
As artists-in-residence
Various times
September 14th – 16th
Tyalgun, NSW!artists-1/cd2f


Transplanted Roots
Excerpts from 8 Hits
Tomlinson (Still and Moving Paper)
Neal (Self-Accusation)
Montreal, Canada
September 18th, 7pm


The Things we Do
Clocked Out@15
Every Night the Same Dream (Griswld)
Environmental Music(Tomlinson/Griswold)
Exceprts from Small Things Grow (Topology/Clocked Out)
September 25th, 7pm, Brisbane Powerhouse


The Things we Do
Clocked Out@15
Pain Avoidance Machine Reloaded (Griswold/Early Warning System)
Dada Cabaret (Tomlinson/The Wild)
Felaminikuti (Clocked Out Duo)
September 26th, 7pm, Brisbane Powerhouse


Water Pushes Sand (Griswold)
Australian Art Orchestra
Melbourne Festival
Melbourne Arts Centre
9-10th October 2015


Time Crystals Collaboration
Clocked Out with Bone Map
Residency at centre of contemporary arts – Cairns
October 12 – 17th


Early Warning System perform at PASIC
San Antonio, Texas
November 11th, 2015.


8 Hits
Melbourne Recital Centre
Vanessa Tomlinson plays 8 new compositions
By Neal, Tomlinson, Vickery, Griswold,
Joy, Anderson, Hope, Knight
December 4th, 7pm.


Daughters Fever
Melbourne Recital Centre
Daughters Fever Record Launch
Knight, Mann, Talia, Griswold, Tomlinson
December 5th, 7pm.



March - May 2014

Time Crystals
Clocked Out Duo
Friday 28th March, 6.30pm
Queensland Conservatorium

New York Montreal Quartet
Presented by Clocked Out
Wednesday April 16th, 6.30pm
Queensland Conservatorium

Clocked out with Renata Buziak and Jan Baker-Finch
Sunday 20th April 20th, 5pm
Harrigans Lane, Stanthorpe

Steve Reich - Piano Phase
as part of The Princess Theatre Inversion
th Elizabeth Drake
Thursday 1st May, 7pm
Princess Theatre, Melbourne

Ba Da Boom Percussion
Conducted by Vanessa Tomlinson
Wednesday 7th May, 6.30pm
Ian Hanger Recital Hall, Queensland Conservatorium
Varese – Ionisation; Graeme Leak – Drum Song


June - October 2013

Music for the Banal
Conference presentation as part of Balance/Unbalance
Central Queensland University, Noosa
June 2nd

Time Crystals: Erik Griswold
Queensland Academy for Creative Industries, Brisbane
June 7th

Resonifying the Night Parrot
The Currency of Birdsong

Cooroora Institute, Cooroy, QLD
June 9th

The Listening Museum
Beauty Boxes: Rosemary Joy, Time Crystals: Erik Griswold, Ablauf: Magnus Lindberg

Collaboration between Ensemble Offspring and Clocked Out
Paddington Uniting Church, Sydney
14th June

The Clocked Out Toy Band
With Erik Griswold and Matthew Horsley

Brisbane Powerhouse, Powerkid
June 29th

International Computer Music Conference
Works by Juan Parra, Andrian Pertout, Andrew Brown, Leah Barclay, Alvin Curran, Clocked Out Duo and othersi
August 15th – 18th
PICA, Perth

Time Crystals: Erik Griswold
Performed by Clocked Out Duo

Madley Dance Space
August 20th

Time Crystals: Erik Griswold
Performed by Clocked Out Duo

Portrait Series, Art Gallery of Ballarat
31st August

Time Crystals: Erik Griswold
Performed by Clocked Out Duo

Melbourne Recital Centre Salon
4th September

Wandering Cloud
A new collaboration of poet/sound artist Klare Lanson and Clocked Out

Theatre Royal, Castlemaine
September 5th

A Festival of Toy Music
New work by Erik Griswold, Clocked Out Duo

The Brisbane Powerhouse
October 5th

Sudhana’s Steps (WP)
New Work for solo timpani by Phil Treloar

Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University
October 9th


January - May 2013

Sharka Bosakova and Renata Buziak with Clocked Out Duo
January 18th @ Logan Art Gallery

The Trilling Wire Mini-fest
February 7th @ Queensland Conservatorium Foyer; Time Crystals by Erik Griswold
February 8th @ Queensland Conservatorium Foyer; Fish Boast of Fishing

The Naked Voice
March 6th @ Ian Hangar Recital Hall; Jaap Blonk with Vanessa Tomlinson and the New Music Ensemble

Steve Reich Sextet
March 15th  @ Queensland Conservatorium

Early Warning System (Percussion Quartet)
Les Guetteurs De Sons by Aperghis; What Hath by Kate Neal; Coming Together by Rzewski
April 10th @ Queensland Conservatorium

The Listening Museum, Clocked Out and Ensemble Offspring
Lucier, Tomlinson, Griswold, Askill
April 20th @ Urban Art Projects, Northgate

Life and Music, discussion/improvisation with John Rogers and Scott Tinkler, the Nickson Room, 2.30pm
April 21st @ University of Queensland

Benjamin Britten: War Requium
April 24th/25th  @ Queensland Conservatorium Theatre

Ba Da Boom Percussion playing Tenney, Brophy, Applebaum, Miki
May 8th @ Queensland Conservatorium

Encounters with India, performing works by Tahourdin, Edwards, Glanville-Hicks and more.
May 13th – 17th @ Queensland Conservatorium

October – December 2012

Ba Da Boom plays Xenakis

3rd October @ Queensland Conservatorium; Rebonds, Dmaathan, Komboi, Persephassa

Anna Grinberg and Vanessa Tomlinson
18th October @ University of Queensland, Nickson Room; Lumsdaine, Kangaroo Hunt; Luther Adams, Red Arc BlueVeil; Psathas, Matre’s Dance

Elizabeth Drake and Vanessa Tomlinson

Urban Art Projects playing Reich Piano Phase
October 20th @ The Ballroom, Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

Restrung Festival

26th October @ The Brisbane Powerhouse; Ba Da Boom plays Griswold, Strings Attached.

Clocked Out US Tour

1 November @ Palomar College, Clocked Out Duo with Ellen Weller
1 November @ Chapman College, Simple Addition with Nick Terry
2 November @ Art Space, Missoula Montana Clocked Out in Floating Feather Ensemble
3 November @ University of Montana; Clocked Out in Floating Feather Ensemble
6 Nov @ Northern Illinois University; Clocked Out Duo at All Scholl Convocation
6 Nov @ Northern Illinois University; Clocked Out play Foreign Objects
7th Nov @ Northern Illinois University; VT conducts Cage Concerto for Prepared Piano and Orchestra, performs Pateras Mutant Theatre Act II, plus Clocked Out toy set. Discover more about Clocked Out

William Duckworth Memorial Concert

20th November@ Queensland Conservatorium; Writing on Water, Time Curve Prelude and I-Orpheus remixed.

Clocked Out in Perth

4 December @ Club Zho 100/25th Birthday party for TURA; toy set
5 December @ PICA; premiere of new work Time Crystals
18 December on ABC Classic FM 8pm, national broadcast of Time Crystals. Discover more about Clocked Out

July-September 2012

Australasian Computer Music Festival

14th July @ Queensland Conservatorium; Miller Puckette, Erik Griswold, Tomlinson – improvisations

Reflections on the Nature of Water

1st August @ Queensland Conservatorium; Druckman, Reflections on the Nature of Water; Dowland, Songs

The Grevilleas of Myall Park; Clocked Out with The Australian Voices

4th August @ Queensland Conservatorium; Griswold, The Grevilleas of Myall Park
5th August @ Ferry Road Studios; Griswold, The Grevilleas of Myall Park

Cage 100

September 5th @ Queensland Conservatorium; composed improvisation for snare drum, Credo in US

Early Warning System

September 12th @ Queensland Conservatorium; John Luther Adams, Strange and Sacred Noise. Discover more about Early Warning System

Kawai Piano Series

Sept 21st @ Queensland Conservatorium; Bartok, Sonata for Piano and Percussion with Roy Howat, Stephen Emmerson, Brent Miller