Artist, musician, educator

Music for the Banal the Obvious the Everyday

Music for the Banal, the Obvious, the Everyday is a solo percussion work made from found objects, that reflects the uniqueness of place in every performance. Lasting anywhere from 5 minutes to 60 minutes, the collected instrumentarium, consisting of nature, waste, discarded junk, kitchenware and structural elements of buildings, is sounded by Vanessa using percussive techniques (rubbing, scraping, hitting etc) as well as dropping (rice, seedpods, lentils) and the determined indeterminacy of ropes.

Sitting somewhere between kinetic sculpture, performance art and contemporary art music, this project contributes to our understanding of the field of acoustic anthropology and ecological art, cleansing our ears, and making listening an act of positive activism.

Music for the Banal, the Obvious, the Everyday has been performed in the Italian countryside, the outback of Australia, art galleries of San Fransisco and concert halls across the globe. It was originally premiered at La Mama in Melbourne in 2008.


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Other related environmental work includes the Richard Nunns/Clocked Out Duo project Sounding Nudgee, Erik Griswold’s composition Spill, performed by Vanessa, and the environmental work Sounding the Condamine.